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Leicester City: The city where Women’s Football is booming

Most people will be familiar with the heroics of the Leicester City side that won the Premier League in 2016. But move aside Schmeichel and co, the women’s side is joining you on the plinth. The Women’s Super League is Leicester’s next destination, where every woman and girl can dream to reach the very top in the city. 

Last season Leicester City did what they always do – win. That too with the underdog status pinned on their backs as usual. They topped the championship table, lifting the trophy at the King Power Stadium. Which of course means the Women’s Super League beckons. 

Although it’s going to be a tough feat matching powerhouse the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea, if there’s one thing Leicester have on their side it’s the momentum of footballing success in the city. Football gods have got to be looking over and rooting for Leicester City in the last 5 years or so.

Leicester football clubs have a strong family bond about them, making them resolute and strong. The Leicester women’s side is truly a family led venture. They are like the Kardashian of the football club, leading the team to new heights. Captain of the club Holly Morgan’s, Father, Rohan Morgan, is the chairman of the club. Her brother Jonathan Morgan is the team manager, and her sister Jade has been the general manager since 2015. Keeping up with the Morgan’s, now that is a show I would watch.

One of the things that I have noticed after the boom of footballing success in Leicester, is the number of women interested and playing the sport. My own friends have set up their own 5-a-side teams and regularly play the sport. Visibility is huge too. Women are wearing football shirts with pride shrugging off the archaic and sexualised stereotypes attached to women who like football. 

Leicester is a diverse city, with an especially large South-Asian community. I am seeing more Muslim women play – Women who are not represented nearly enough in football are falling in love with football in Leicester and showing people it is for everyone.

The energy of the Fox was well and truly alive this season. Let us hope it continues and you never know, we might just see some of that Leicester City underdog magic in the WSL next season.