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Get to Know IraQueer

What does IraQueer do?

 IraQueer is Iraq’s first national LGBT+ organization. IraQueer is dedicated to advancing LGBT+ rights in Iraq through knowledge production, advocacy, and providing direct services.

How and why did IraQueer start?

It was founded in March 2015. IraQueer started because there was no organization working on LGBT+ in the country. Not even the UN agencies and INGOs. It was a need on the ground. Amir Ashour – who left Iraq for security reasons directly connected to his work – started the organization while in Sweden. 

What are your aspirations for IraQueer?

 Our vision is an Iraq where the LGBT+ individuals are recognized, protected, and have equal rights to every other citizen in the country. Our mission is to empower Iraqi LGBT+ individuals through raising the awareness level amongst and about LGBT+ persons in the Iraqi society, and to advocate for LGBT+ rights in Iraq.

Can you tell us a little bit about being an LGBTQ+ person in Iraq?

Being a queer person in Iraq puts you at a huge risk form so many parties around you including, family, friends, coworkers, police, Militias, and etc . Individuals are still being killed, thrown in prisons, or facing every kind of violence in public and private institutions.  

We have collaborated with @PreferVoldemort to make a T-Shirt, with all proceeds going to IraQueer –